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Mammalia Migratory Visual Game

I really like cat villagers.

I would hope not.


Anonymous sent: Confession: I like having a cutesy pastely pink town even though it's "played out". My entire life I was taught that it would be silly or predictable of me to enjoy the colour pink because liking pink is apparently a bad thing. I guess because "Pink is for girls and being a girl is a bad thing hahaha". ACNL helped me embrace my love of all things cutesy and pink and lacy and frilly and pastel. And I like it that way. Anyone who hates on cutesy pink and white towns can toss my salad. <3

tsueri sent: Oh my goodness what is that rainbow furniture item? Its so cute!

It’s a Rainbow Screen!

It was one of the very first DLC items released.

Nap time…

I don’t really think this is the best example you could be following.

Just dig right in, Merengue!